That most wonderful time of the year

From our house to yours, enjoy the wonders of the human spirit throughout this string of holiday seasons that carry us into 2011. May your holiday spirit enjoy broad sprinklings of merriment, family, safe travels, and optimism for what lies ahead.

One-of-a-kind, On-line, Odd-ventures

double genache chocolate cheesecakeIn ongoing ventures as an E-preneur, I've gathered a marketplace for world-class goods that you can't find anywhere else. Please explore with me the worlds into which I've  wandered, studied long and hard the last 3 years, and discovered wonders -- gourmet specialty coffee roasting and blending; gourmet artisan chocolate; gourmet cheesecake; art prints, and artisan crafts by amazing family artists. MORE DETAILS

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Join in themes that support living in good cheer and overcoming anything the world throws at us. Favorite subjects: Family. Grandchildren. Dogs. Friendship. Excellent books. Incredible food. Cameras and photos. Espresso. Movies. Music. College sports. Baseball. Fountain pens. Cooking. Other stuff. Yours?

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Affordable, savvy Web design

Jeremy Hyde and Chris Hunter are two of my favorite friends, and they team up as two of the brightest, most visionary, most solid, fast-thinking, customer-conscious young entrepreneurs I have come across.

During his 20s, Jeremy founded a hardware solutions and support company that is thriving. A few years ago he and Chris forged a partnership that brought Web site design to the table, Brazos Valley Design. They are based in College Station, Texas, home of Texas A&M University.

Their savvy business model makes site design, implementation, and support comparably very sensitive to immediate outlay and overall cost. Especially for small businesses, from sole proprietors to anyone who operates on less than corporate-level expenditures. Someone like Be of Good Cheer dotcom. And a whole host of others (no pun intended).

Recently, Chris expanded the breadth of BVD by creating Web Unlimited with an initiative targeting the burgeoning field and benefits of e-commerce. Be of Good Cheer dotcom has stepped beyond becoming a satisfied customer and into an association with Jeremy and Chris to foster expansion of their client base, and to provide strategic writing and marketing that will keep a business Web site updated, vibrant, and addressing bottom-line assets.

Web design options pop up at a dime-a-dozen in the marketplace today. You can price-shop til you drop, and wear yourself out trying to save a dollar. And you might.

The dollars in are more important than the dollars out. Whatever minimal savings you might find could wind up costing you money, especially if you settle for "sandbox" designing. Or self-designing with the popular daddy-whatever toy box. Put it this way: anybody can have a Web site. Anybody. Cheaply. 

In business, what's the point? What you need in business is a Web presence. You need your Web presence to become a proactive, profit-supporting or profit-center powerhouse - a virtual employee that drives business in concert with the company's overall marketing, sales, and services strategy and customer relations.

That's why you want to engage Web Unlimited. Look-Great Design, yes....but with intent and purpose. Not merely an artist in a sandbox going, "Whee!" with all the creative tools and only looking good as the goal. 

The Internet is called the information highway for a reason. Your customers want and seek information from your Web site. Ooh and ahh over graphic pizazz goes just so far. You've got limited time to keep visitors on your site.

So why not have more of them visit, stay longer when they visit, do something while they're there (preferably buy something), come back, and bring friends?

Web-U has displayed clever innovation, such as a creative live (and then archived) Web delivery of significant events at the site of the former president of the United States, George H.W. Bush, from his presidential library and foundation.

Check out The Dixie Chicken. With its four properties, Web-U manages a full-service marketing initiative designed to expand its e-commerce with merchandise, but also use the Web site to drive and support special promotions for business through the door. 

These are distinct examples of the difference in developing a Web presence rather than a Web site.

Visit the portfolio of clients, and then visit the budget-aware, strategically-designed variety of Web site entries available to you at Web Unlimited - either pre-designed, or custom-built. 

Web-U will help keep your site fresh, prevent it from stagnating. And also make it very easy for you to update things yourself with a software Content Management System they designed for intuitive, ease-of-use admin by anyone designated so that you avoid becoming enslaved by a support person that must be called to make every little update.

You'll enjoy dealing with Chris, Jeremy, Mike, and the staff.

Web Unlimited - Unleash the Web!