That most wonderful time of the year

From our house to yours, enjoy the wonders of the human spirit throughout this string of holiday seasons that carry us into 2011. May your holiday spirit enjoy broad sprinklings of merriment, family, safe travels, and optimism for what lies ahead.

One-of-a-kind, On-line, Odd-ventures

double genache chocolate cheesecakeIn ongoing ventures as an E-preneur, I've gathered a marketplace for world-class goods that you can't find anywhere else. Please explore with me the worlds into which I've  wandered, studied long and hard the last 3 years, and discovered wonders -- gourmet specialty coffee roasting and blending; gourmet artisan chocolate; gourmet cheesecake; art prints, and artisan crafts by amazing family artists. MORE DETAILS

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Join in themes that support living in good cheer and overcoming anything the world throws at us. Favorite subjects: Family. Grandchildren. Dogs. Friendship. Excellent books. Incredible food. Cameras and photos. Espresso. Movies. Music. College sports. Baseball. Fountain pens. Cooking. Other stuff. Yours?

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Mouth-waterin chili
FRITZ'S in OVERLAND PARK, KSFritz's Chili carrys on the tradition of Dixon's Famous Chili, a favorite of Harry Truman. Fritz's fixtures are over 40 years old.The chili consists of lightly-seasoned ground beef, with or without beans. If you want more, you add it. Onions. Cheese. Hot sauce. Ketchup. 6737 W 75th Street, Overland Park, Kansas 66204(913) 381-3543 . DIXON'S FAMOUS CHILI in INDEPENDENCE & LEE'S SUMMIT, MOThe Harry S. Truman Library and Museum in his hometown Independence, Mo., j ...
99-Cent Foodstuffs
One-Dollar Dish on Good Morning America[Article by Sarah Copeland, Dime Store Diva, Food Network Kitchens, edited] At the Food Network Kitchens, we live for the joy in getting folks to cook more (and better) at home.... challenged by the soaring costs of food....Milk, eggs and cereal grains (basics) are raising as many alerts as rising fuel costs........We're dedicated to our partnership with Share Our Strength and their fight to end childhood hunger in America in our lifetime....Good Morning A ...
Happy = Healthy
 STUDY: Happy = Healthy   Happy? It may help keep you healthyThose with upbeat moods have lower harmful 'stress' hormones, study saysNEW YORK - A happy heart just might be a healthier one as well, new research suggests.In a study of nearly 3,000 healthy British adults, led by Dr. Andrew Steptoe of University College London, found that those who reported upbeat moods had lower levels of cortisol — a “stress” hormone that, when chronically elevated, may contribute to high blood p ...
Flavenoids good (and that means chocolate!)
Heavens to Flavenoid: dark chocolate shown to have many (but not always) healthful benefits to blood pressure, heart, insulin control, and fighting cancer. ...
Tax Tips
[Source: Article on, 2007, citing the IRS and tax consultants] First of all, if you're reading this now, better hurry and submit an extension by midnight. The referenced article appeared in early December. Claim the correct filing status, as of Dec. 31. You could lose credits and exemptions. Double-check for correct Social Security number - for every person included in the filing. Use correct forms and schedules. Avoid a po'd computer in the bureaucracy. Sign the retur ...
Get a start on 15 April 2009
 To cut next year's taxes, start now If you knew you could deduct more of your expenses and keep more of your income, you would, right? For 2008, you can -- if you begin ASAP. And it's not too late to reduce your '07 taxes.   ...
Vitale and Ghostie
BACK IN THE DAY: Dickie V and MeAlways during March Madness, and now as the Final Four gets underway this weekend, Dick Vitale's unparalleled energy (love it or not) comes to mind. The asterisk on the photo notation refers to the monicker "Ghostie" that he tagged on me during the late '80s, back in my sportswriting days at the Kansas City Star. Dickie V was in town handling commentary on a telecast of the NAIA Tournament that was a KC staple in those days (and since has returned). The ...