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From our house to yours, enjoy the wonders of the human spirit throughout this string of holiday seasons that carry us into 2011. May your holiday spirit enjoy broad sprinklings of merriment, family, safe travels, and optimism for what lies ahead.

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double genache chocolate cheesecakeIn ongoing ventures as an E-preneur, I've gathered a marketplace for world-class goods that you can't find anywhere else. Please explore with me the worlds into which I've  wandered, studied long and hard the last 3 years, and discovered wonders -- gourmet specialty coffee roasting and blending; gourmet artisan chocolate; gourmet cheesecake; art prints, and artisan crafts by amazing family artists. MORE DETAILS

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Earth Day meanderings

APRIL 22, 2008

Happy bEarthDay. "Earth to emission control, we have a problem."

The celebration of preserving the planet turned 39 today. I remember the first one. The image in my mind is protesters wearing tie-dyed T-shirts with a globe imprinted on them.

Nice planning: this is also National Parks Week. Save a tree, sit under a tree, they go hand in hand. University of North Texas has the right yell for this day: "Go Green!"

For consciousness raising, I started the day playing one of my grown daughter's favorite bands. Green Day singing "Green Day." 

Then, just now, spouse and I whipped up a smoothie for brunch from organic bananas and strawberries, organic orange juice, and organic yogurt, blended with servings of whey, barley, and flaxseed.

A good friend's name is Green. Haven't talked to him in a while. Calling him makes for a good start to a Green Day, too.

Green's big in our family. We're Irish. We think. Moved from Scotland, dropped the 'a' in Mac, our grandparents said. A guy named MacKenzie once was secretary of the Royal and Ancient valhalla of golf at St. Andrews, and he told me how to determine whether we are Scots or nots: "You can come to Edinborough and check it out...go to the basement, spend a few days in the archives, and if you belong to a Scottish clan you'll find it there." The way he bit off those lines in brogue ("Edin-burrrr-o") was far more delightful than the written version.

Other Greens that have popped up in meaningful ways through the years include Hubert Green, Mr. Greenjeans, Jolly Green Giant, 'Green Acres," the Green Hornet, Tavern on the Green, "The Green, Green Grass of Home," the boatloads of green beans mom made us eat, and all the greens I missed in attempting to play golf, which I call Whackaball (whack the ball somewhere, go find it, whack it again).

Also, a classic in economics studies, relevant yet today: The Greening of America.

Today, a salute goes to Greenpeace, or whatever other organization floats your boat on clean water. Sail boat, of course. 

Let's do our part. All little things help big.

  • Start with recycling. Aluminum goes here. Paper goes here. Cardboard here. Glass there. Garbage goes in the garbage.
  • We have cloth bags from our two favorite grocery stores, Haggen and Whole Foods Market  to use in place of plastic, and need to become more disciplined in using them.
  • Buy from manufacturers who exercise an eco-conscience, especially in the world of technology.
  • Follow the Energy Star. Use flourescent lighting. Wear organic. Eat organic. (Someday soon on you'll read about my favorite mocha anywhere, in a little cafe above a bookstore that uses organic coffee, organic milk, and organic chocolate, served in recycled cups.)

Check out Organic Earth Day. I like one of its messages best of everything I've read about Earth Day, one of three reasons to "go organic." For health, one, and for earth, two, but the simplest and best message for all of us today:

It's easy!

So let's get the lead out, and make Mercurial haste in making Earth green from ear to ear.