That most wonderful time of the year

From our house to yours, enjoy the wonders of the human spirit throughout this string of holiday seasons that carry us into 2011. May your holiday spirit enjoy broad sprinklings of merriment, family, safe travels, and optimism for what lies ahead.

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double genache chocolate cheesecakeIn ongoing ventures as an E-preneur, I've gathered a marketplace for world-class goods that you can't find anywhere else. Please explore with me the worlds into which I've  wandered, studied long and hard the last 3 years, and discovered wonders -- gourmet specialty coffee roasting and blending; gourmet artisan chocolate; gourmet cheesecake; art prints, and artisan crafts by amazing family artists. MORE DETAILS

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Vitale and Ghostie

BACK IN THE DAY: Dickie V and Me

Dick Vitale interview

Always during March Madness, and now as the Final Four gets underway this weekend, Dick Vitale's unparalleled energy (love it or not) comes to mind. The asterisk on the photo notation refers to the monicker "Ghostie" that he tagged on me during the late '80s, back in my sportswriting days at the Kansas City Star.

Dickie V was in town handling commentary on a telecast of the NAIA Tournament that was a KC staple in those days (and since has returned). The paper hired him to 'write' a daily first-person column that week. I was assigned to compile it. After each session, Dick and I would sit down, he would talk non-stop in his usual manner, I would take notes, and then put together his column for the next day.

Ever since after that, whenever I've seen him at NCAA regionals or his speaking engagements, he laughs and calls me "Ghostie," which is short for Ghostwriter. The photo was taken when he visited KC during the late '90s and attended a Royals baseball game. We recorded an interview to play on the pre-game radio show.

Whatever you think of him on the air, there's never been anyone in the biz who surpasses his level of enthusiasm, love of people/fans, and total-optimism outlook.